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Mission Statement

The mission of our office is to confidently deliver the highest quality of dental treatment to all our patients. This involves the use of the highest quality materials and state of the art dental equipment. We will educate and communicate the need for and about treatment to all patients and always recommend the best treatment available. This requires dedication of the entire staff for continuing education and dedication from our patients to understand and desire the best treatment available.

Our Philosophy of Practice

For patients to choose a dental office appropriate to their needs there must exist a match between the services sought by the patient with the services provided by the office. If the value you possess for your teeth and health coincides with our beliefs in fine dentistry and prevention, a mutually rewarding relationship should evolve for both parties. As a form of welcoming you and sharing our beliefs about how we serve patients, the following information is provided. 

                                               Briefly stated, our philosopy of practice is this:

          "Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality dentistry that is available today and for you to keep your teeth for the rest of your life. We anticipate completing this with the least amount of stress, discomfort and expense possible."


A dental office is a small health-oriented team of professionals dedicated to serving patients. Each office maintains certain standards of skill and concern and we want an aura about us that unquestionably makes a statement of our quality of care. To make this evident, we have committed to a particular kind of practice. In a philosophical sense, basically one is devoted to either quantity (do a little for a lot of people) or quality (optimal care on a long-term basis for regular patients). We want to attract and keep people who share our values and beliefs in excellence or grow to this level of appreciation through education and motivation. We seek a patient population dominated by people with high expectations of good health and happiness.

Examination Process . . .
     Excellence in dentistry begins with a careful diagnosis and treatment plan to move us toward the goals we will establish together. We will perform an extensive and comprehensive examination of the teeth, gums, bite, joints, and soft tissues. When needed, and with your permission, we will utilize all appropriate x-rays; if beneficial will use intra-oral photographs and study models of your teeth and jaws to identify areas of concern. We believe this in-depth examination to be the cornerstone of quality dentistry.

Maintenance of Traditional Values . . .
      In this country, at this time, with the government becoming more involved in health care, insurance carriers trying to dictate treatment and fees, and some dental offices competing through advertising, extended hours and pricing, the very foundation of dentistry is being tested. We believe there has never been a time when a practice dedicated to prevention, to service, and to excellence can be more highly rewarding to both out patients and to us, in providing quality, long-term health care. We hope you agree and will join our family.

Restorative Dentistry . . .
     Patients suffer many problems because of inadequately planned and executed dental treatment. Restorative dentistry is that branch of dentistry that takes into consideration all the needs, wants and values of you, the patient, and designs one best treatment plan that will fulfill your needs and goals.

Cosmetic Dentistry . . .
      Dentistry is rapidly moving forward in the areas of Implant dentistry and Cosmetics. New and innovative procedures and techniques are enabling us to literally transform smiles, to enhance self-esteem and self-image and career making dentistry is now available today which was previously only available to the movie stars.

Implantology . . .
     Dr. Mantikas takes great pride in the success of placing and restoring dental implants. By developing a complete treatment plan and receiving full cooperation of the patient, these prosthesis can last a lifetime.

Questions . . .
      Our staff members are well trained and dedicated to make a difference for each and every person we are privileged to serve. No question is too small or insignificant for us to answer. Please also give us feedback, especially if it is good. Too often dental auxiliaries only hear the negatives: the excuses people make why they can't come for an appointment, why they can't afford to have the work completed that they know they should do.